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Zoonosis Reports

The report contains information on trends and sources of zoonoses and zoonotic agents in Norway, and covers the occurrence of these diseases and agents in humans, animals, foodstuffs and in some cases also in feedingstuffs.

In addition the report includes data on antimicrobial resistance in some zoonotic agents and commensal bacteria as well as information on epidemiological investigations of foodborne outbreaks. Complementary data on susceptible animal populations in the country is also given.

The reports presents the results of the examinations carried out in the reporting year. A national evaluation of the epidemiological situation, with special reference to trends and sources of zoonotic infections, is given. Whenever possible, the relevance of findings in foodstuffs and animals to zoonoses cases in humans is evaluated.

These reports are submitted yearly to the European Commission in accordance with Article 9 of Council Directive 2003/99/EC1. The information is forwarded to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) where the information covered by the reports is used in the annual Community Summary Report on zoonoses that is published each year by EFSA.
See EFSAs homepage for an overview report of the Zoonoses situation in Europe.