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Bacterial infections in reindeer

Mørk T, Sunde M, Josefsen TD. Bakterieinfeksjoner hos rein. [Bacterial infections in reindeer]. Norsk veterinærtidsskrift 2014; 126(2): 220-226 (In Norwegian with English summary).

The article gives an overview of the most current bacterial diseases in reindeer in Norway today. In addition, some diseases which are not reported in Fennoscandia are mentioned, as well as diseases described in older literature. Distribution and occurrence are emphasised because treatment is given only to single or small groups of animal. Pasteurellosis is likely the most important disease today due to the possibility of larger outbreaks with high mortality. The extent of an outbreak is often difficult to document. Necrobacillosis is of minor importance today, but this might change if the conditions for disease development are altered. The herding conditions and climate are changing which are important factors for disease development in reindeer. Increased knowledge of present status of diseases is important to be able to predict changes in the future.

NVI authors

Mørk Torill


Josefsen Terje Domaas

Veterinary pathologist (permisjon)