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Stunning methods for farmed salmonids at slaughter

Mejdell CM, Erikson U, Slinde E, Midling KØ. Bedøvingsmetoder ved slakting av laksefisk. Norsk veterinærtidsskrift 2010; 122: 83-90

This article gives a review of methods used in Norway for stunning and killing of salmonids at slaughter. Traditional stunning in a water bath saturated with CO2 gas, results in violent behavioural reactions in the fish, and the stunning effect is questionable. The most common method, live chilling with moderate amount of CO2 added, results in a calm, but not unconscious fish. Electrical stunning methods have been improved during the last years. Equipment which operates at sufficiently high voltage to stun fish within one second is now available, and that is also the case for methods to direct the fish head first into the dry stunner. For percussive stunning there are both simple and fully automated systems on the market, and conditions for proper function are known. Even though the alternative systems are not perfect and probably will undergo further improvements, the authors conclude that the national ban on CO2 stunning should come into force.

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Mejdell Cecilie Marie

Forsker, fagansvarlig dyrevelferd