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Risk analysis and contingency plan

Høgåsen HR, Næss IS. Risikoanalyse og beredskap (Risk analysis and contingency plan). Norsk Veterinærtidsskrift 2009; 1: 80-6 

Risk analysis and contingency plan

Risk analysis, consisting of risk assessment, risk management and risk communication, is a basic tool for dealing with contingencies. Risk assessment assesses hazards and risks, whereas risk management includes the implementation of protective measures. Both are useful for organizing resources to handle crises, as well as for handling crises themselves. Risk communication is needed in all collaboration that aims at protecting a given group – here animals and their production branch– against hazards.

In this paper we show how risk assessment is being used in contingency plans, in each of its four components, by using examples from import cases, from shrimp diseases to mad cow disease, as well as avian flu. Possibilities and challenges are discussed. These address time-constraints, prioritizing, data availability and collaboration. 

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