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Infectious salmon anaemia virus infection of Atlantic salmon gill epithelial cells.

Weli SC, Aamelfot M, Dale OB, Koppang EO, Falk K. Journal of Virology 2013; doi: 10.1186/1743-422X-10-5.
[ - 27.01.15]

Associations between piscine reovirus infection and life history traits in wild-caught Atlantic salmon Salmo salar L. in Norway.

Garseth ÅH, Biering E, Aunsmo A. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 2013; 112 (1-2): 138-46

[ - 27.01.15]

Structural characterization of new microcystins containing tryptophan and oxidized tryptophan residues

Puddick J, Prinsep MR, Wood SA, Miles CO, Rise F, Cary SC, Hamilton DP, Wilkins AL. Marine Drugs 2013;11(8):3025–45
[ - 27.01.15]

Type C and C/D toxigenic Clostridium botulinum is not normally present in the intestine of healthy broilers

Hardy SP, Kaldhusdal M. VETERINARY MICROBIOLOGY 2013; 165 (3-4):466-8
[ - 05.12.13]

Identification of microcystins in a Lake Victoria cyanobacterial bloom using LC-MS with thiol derivatization

Miles CO, Sandvik M, Nonga HE, Rundberget T, Wilkins AL, Rise F, Ballot A. TOXICON 2013; 70: 21-31
[ - 05.12.13]

Stichorchis subtriquetrus in a free-living beaver in Scotland

Campbell-Palmer R, Girling S, Pizzi R, Hamnes IS, Oines O, Del-Pozo J. VETERINARY RECORD 2013; 173 (3):73
[ - 05.12.13]

Molecular investigation of multiple strain infections in patients with tuberculosis in Mubende district, Uganda.

Muwonge A, Kankya C, Olea-Popelka F, Biffa D, Ssengooba W, Berit D, Skjerve E, Johansen TB. INFECTION GENETICS AND EVOLUTION 2013; 17:16-22
[ - 05.12.13]

An in vitro investigation of endocrine disrupting effects of the mycotoxin alternariol

Frizzell C, Ndossi D, Kalayou S, Eriksen GS, Verhaegen S, Sorlie M, Elliott CT, Ropstad E, Connolly L. TOXICOLOGY AND APPLIED PHARMACOLOGY 2013; 271 (1):64-71
[ - 05.12.13]

Can parasites use predators to spread between primary hosts?

Cable J, Archard GA, Mohammed RS, Mcmullan M, Stephenson JF, Hansen H, van Oosterhout C. PARASITOLOGY 2013; 140 (9):1138-43
[ - 05.12.13]